I always have a real strenuous time sleeping during the night! Even on those days when I entirely need to get sleep, I find myself just stuck there staring at the ceiling while kneeling in bed.

Even with my smart control unit, I have a strenuous time falling asleep, however i do sleep better when I have the a/c system cranked up however it doesn’t change the fact that it’s not straight-forward for myself and others to do, then oftentimes I will find myself falling asleep after I get lake beach house from labor in the day.

I love to crank up the a/c system during this time too so that I believe that I will be able to get some wonderful rest. I try not to blast the a/c too much when I am driving lake beach house though because I don’t want to get entirely tired on the road and crash. If the a/c was up too high, I think I would be at drastic risk of falling asleep since I often am not able to sleep during the night. I don’t entirely believe what it is, it could be something love narcolepsy for all I know. It might be a wonderful system for myself and others to go to one of those sleep centers so I can be diagnosed for having something love that, then admittedly there are times when I just can’t help however falling asleep hastily. It’s just at night it is a real challenge to rest and I am legitimately woken up even if I do get any sleep during that time.


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