AC trouble in paradise

After years of working our tails off with no vacations, my partner and I finally decided that the time was finally here for us to treat ourselves to a break. We spent weeks planning this vacation, making sure that we had everything planned out to the minute in the hopes of making it as fun […]

Updating to zone control saves money, adds convenience and increases comfort

The size of my home makes it difficult and expensive to handle temperature control.The house is not only extremely large, but there is a ton of small rooms. Depending on the location of the rooms and number of supply vents, some tend to get overheated while others are always chilly. There are areas in the […]

Left without a working heating system during power outage

In the area where I live, we tend to experience severe storms throughout the year. Along with extreme temperatures and either a great deal of snow or rain, there is typically very high winds. The winds knock down branches, trees and powerlines. We are often left without electricity for an hour or two and sometimes […]

The useful calendar

It was really great that my local HVAC company gave me this special calendar with my latest HVAC work I had done. You see, I had bought one of their heating and air conditioning service plans, and they gave a calendar that had reminders of all future heating and air conditioning tune up and check […]

a/c is spitting out ice

I love to keep our beach house cold. The thermostat is always set unquestionably low! People have told myself and others that it is frigid in our beach house but I love it that way; I keep a few throw blankets and extra sweatshirts around for our guests so that they can be comfortable too. […]