My buddy Mitch and I grew up as next door neighbors in the neighborhood trailer park compound.

  • Every one of us went to school together, rode the bus together, skipped tests together, got our first tasks together… you see where I’m going with this! I never had a sibling despite the fact that I had Mitch so that was all I ever needed.

Every one of us still live in the same park, only now the people I was with and I are longtime roommates, and absolutely working at the same factory together, however life was somewhat laid back, the people I was with and I had satellite tv and as much beer as the people I was with and I wanted (which was a lot) but nearly all of the people around me were surely needing a new air conditioner. Every one of us owned the trailer at this point, but the people I was with and I bought it “as is” and the AC component was older than the both of us, and this Heating and Air Conditioning system was far beyond the point of being repaired or saved. It was going to need a complete replacement entirely soon, then one day just around this time Mitch hit a small fortune on a scratcher, and decided to sink it all into a new Heating and Air Conditioning system. He didn’t consult with me right before he did it, or I might have suggested that the people I was with and I get a great system for a couple grand instead of the largest AC component they had for nearly ten grand. Easy come, easy go as they say. My buddy Mitch bought us the best Heating and Air Conditioning system he could get for five thousand dollars. Every one of us were now as exhausting as we ever were, nothing left over, but on the other hand the people I was with and I had the best cooling system you can possibly have.


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