Mitch and I grew up as next door neighbors in the town trailer park.

We went to school together, rode the bus together, ditched homework together, got our first jobs together… you see where I’m going with this.

I never had a sibling but I had Mitch so that was all I ever needed. We still live in the same park, only now we are roommates, as well as working at the same factory together. Life was pretty good, we had cable tv and as much beer as we wanted (which was a lot) but we were surely needing a new air conditioning system. We owned the trailer at this point, but we bought it “as is” and the AC unit was older than the both of us. This HVAC system was beyond the point of being repaired or tuned up, and it was going to need a complete replacement very soon. One day right around this time Mitch hit a small fortune on a scratcher, and decided to sink it all into a new HVAC system. He didn’t consult with me before he did it, or I might have recommended that we get a decent system for a couple grand instead of the biggest AC unit they had for five grand. Easy come, easy go, as they say, and Mitch bought us the best HVAC system he could get for five thousand dollars. We were now as poor as we ever were, nothing left over, but on the other hand we had the best cooling system money could buy.

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