This very small and sleepy town of ours is not exactly a hub for local business. Once upon a time, when agriculture was more of a financial boon, it was a lovely town, however as the crops stopped being farmed locally & started being run by industrial giants, the nearby economy suffered, then both of us had a lot of people looking for work, & unquestionably few venues with task to offer. All that changed two or three weeks ago when a major manufacturer came to town. They were going to renovate an old and run down factory outside of town, & when it was operational would offer hundreds of local works. No 1 around here uses air conditioning extremely often, because of our temperate site! Half the people I assume don’t even have any form of air conditioning in their homes, then most of the other half don’t use central air conditioner, but those old window mounted units, just because they aren’t that essential to life! Most men and women have a big oil furnace, I can tell you that, because the winters can be somewhat monstrous. Well, we all took a very massive interest in cooling systems once every one of us realized that our town would be making them from now on, i have been working over at the A/C manufacturing center for several weeks now, mostly just working in the shipping warehouse. I don’t care if all I do is load & unload cooling systems onto trucks, these guys pay great money & offer a wide range of benefits package; For someone who has never owned a cooling system in his life, I sure am grateful they are so big!

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