The size of my home makes it difficult and expensive to handle temperature control.The house is not only extremely large, but there is a ton of small rooms.

Depending on the location of the rooms and number of supply vents, some tend to get overheated while others are always chilly.

There are areas in the house that we never use. The bedrooms are located on the second floor, and because heat rises, they are usually overly warm. When my husband and I first bought the house, there was a single thermostat located in the living room. The setting on the thermostat regulated the entire house. If we wanted to cool down the bedrooms in the summer, the first floor of the house would end up freezing cold. The air conditioner would run constantly and use up a great deal of energy. There was no way to target specific rooms. Plus, to make a change, we needed to walk to the living room and manually turn the dial. I finally got tired of uncomfortable rooms, huge energy bills and inconvenience. I hired a licensed HVAC contractor to upgrade the system to zone control. This is accomplished by adding valves into the ductwork and installing independent thermostats. The thermostat in the living room is still the central hub, but there’s now additional temperature controls in each room of the house. Because of wifi connectivity, we can access these controls through an app on our phones or our laptops. We can now regulate the amount of heated or cooled air that reaches a particular room. I’m not paying to heat or cool empty rooms. No matter the demands of the space, the independent thermostats allow for perfect comfort. My kids can customize temperature in their bedrooms to their preferences. While the initial cost of the upgrade was fairly expensive, it was definitely worth it. The energy savings alone have recovered the investment.