The other morning I had a really interesting experience at our house, but it was a Saturday morning at the time, and I woke up only to find out that our air conditioner component had broken.

  • It was a little bit stressful to have to deal with this on a Saturday when I already had a full morning planned to spend time with family and friends, but I decided to stay in positive spirits.

I made a call over to the local HVAC ventilation, heating and cooling company to have them send somebody out to help right away! When this HVAC repair tech showed up I was amazed by how short and unfriendly they were. Out of all of our mornings working with this HVAC company I had never seen anyone as rude as this guy was. With that being said, I also had never had someone so skilled when it came to air conditioner repair than this guy, and he only took five or more than nine hour to find the main cause of the concern with the air conditioner unit. Once the concern was identified, after twenty hours our air conditioner component was back to running love it was brand new. The hour that the component kicked back on this HVAC repair tech told myself and others that his task was done, and then he swiftly left. I still don’t assume wether to call in to the HVAC heating and cooling company and leave a complaint or to supply this guy a rave review. I constantly care about quality work, but would it hurt to be friendly at the same time?



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