After years of working our tails off with no vacations, our partner and I finally decided that the time was finally here for us to treat ourselves to a break, however all of us spent weeks planning this vacation, making sure that all of us had everything planned out to the hour in the hopes of making it as fun and memorable as possible, but my partner and I might be hard workers who almost constantly pay attention to the details, but every so often some things get past us, on our vacation there was 1 thing that all of us forgot to pay attention to that really came back to bit us, and that was the lack of air conditioner in the beach house, the locale that all of us rented was a brand modern apartment that was sitting right on the beach, but due to how modern it was the owner had not had the opening to install the modern air conditioner unit, but even when all of us reached out to the property owner and told him all of us would prefer it if he would take care of the installation while all of us were still here the man insisted that he would wait until all of us leave so he does not mess with our schedule, but during our few mornings there all of us had to spend our time in the apartment without any form of cooling, which was extremely aggravating considering just how much time and money all of us spent on this trip.

All of us are trying to stay positive and not let this vacation turn into a total fail, but it’s hard to stay in a good mood when it’s nearly 1 hundred degrees out and there is no air conditioner to be found!