Thermo Gun Finds Leaking HVAC Treated Air

I’m not sure when it happened but, it has become a full on thing now.

  • Apparently, being the dad, my birthday is simply a beautiful time to get picked on.

It started, I think, when my children were transitioning to adulthood. Up until then, my birthday presents were either ties, Old Spice, hats or gardening stuff. I have always hated gardening, Old Spice is just overwhelming and I have enough ties for any one human. The hats were good because I’m bald and head covers are just a part of life. Then, as these children got older it was all about the gag gift. I got a homemade footstool to put my feet up in the HVAC. It even had “daddy’s cool off” painted on it. It has gone on like this for years. And, it seems to always incorporate something about HVAC. For the life of me, I can’t tell you why. Maybe because I was always hollering at them to close door so as not to let the heat out. Actually, one of those gag gifts just came in really handy. My oldest gave me a temperature gun so I could regulate on the HVAC with absolute proof. Funny, sort of but ended up saving me a bunch of money. On a whim, I went outside one cold crisp morning to see if the temp gun worked in freezing weather. Turns out, that morning was illuminating. I found a number of areas in my home where the HVAC treated air was simply spilling to the out of doors. I was quite stunned. Eventually, I spent an entire weekend finding and documenting every spot I could find. Then, I spent the next several weekends insulating, caulking and weather stripping.
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