I hate moving people, and I get stuck doing it all the time. I am quite skilled when it comes to lifting heavy things, maneuvering them in a big truck and driving a U-Haul in heavy traffic. I always am the guy you call when moving. I don’t mind helping people out, it just stinks doing it all the time. My main beef with it is that you can’t have any air conditioning while moving. I get so hot and sweaty when lifting and turning the furniture. Inside the home having AC is just not feasible. The doors and sometimes windows are open at all times to assist the moving process. Having the cooling system on and literally blowing out the door would be expensive. If you are moving, you are leaving the AC system and the place. The person doesn’t want to pay a high final payment or possibly an air conditioner repair. So to keep costs low and save the cooling device, no climate control is ever allowed. I usually get so sweaty that furniture slips out my hand and I hurt myself. By the time everything is loaded I am unhappy. The second moving location is never good either. Why run air conditioning when the door is opening and closing a bunch? Nobody wants to start their new home’s AC until everything is all set inside. So again, I go without temperature control and I am miserable the whole time. I wish there was a way to contain the AC in the room so that I can have it for the process.

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