I’ll freely admit it.

I get and can stay puzzled by an array of experiences in my everyday life. Playing it off like I just can’t be bothered has always been my go to move when called out. There must be some sort of look on my face as I struggle to contemplate what others apparently understand intuitively. The smart phone nearly wrecked my brain. Thank God for my little niece. She innocently taught me how to use the phone to at least some level of understanding. She even put alerts on the phone for me to remember to change the HVAC air filters every month. This is a task I have forgotten so much in the past that I am amazed the HVAC unit even runs. The HVAC in this house is another thing that I was completely confused by for a number of years. We live in an area where the winter is long and very cold. The furnace we have is a good one and it does a nice job of keeping our home cozy even when it gets to single digits. However, there is one room which goes completely unused because it just never warms up. It’s a guest room which never sees a guest. We actually would bump a kid from their room before we put guests in there. It always sort of stuck in the back of my brain. Then, as the HVAC was being serviced, I asked the HVAC tech to have a look. He only had to study the situation for about 10 minutes before he had both a diagnosis and a cure. The cold guest room was like that because the former owners changed the floor plan by adding additional interior walls. This threw off the HVAC ventilation completely. All we had to do was get some room to room ventilation fans.


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