I recently bought a building that was going to be my bakery.

I got the place for an absolute steal.

The building was brand new with good windows, flooring and lights. I even had a bathroom that was a decent size for the public. Since I considered everything in the building good, the rest of my budget I blew on supplies for my bakery. I spent tons of money on getting the best equipment, ingredients and furniture for my place. I splurged for the good rugs and the best chairs money can buy. After I had everything set in place I realized that the building had no HVAC equipment. Whoever built the place never considered HVAC at all. There is no existing ductwork in the walls. The windows are too oddly shaped and tall to handle window and portable HVAC units. So my only option is to go ductless. I can do a ductless heat pump or mini split system. The issue is that both of these options are quite expensive. I would get both heating and air conditioning in just one system, but the price on it is thousands. I also would need an HVAC contractor to do the installation as well. That is another price tag I was not considering. I blew all my money on other stuff and I have nothing left over. I want to open up my bakery without HVAC, but I don’t know if that is a good idea. Once my ovens get going, the place is going to be sweltering. The public might not want to come to a hot bakery.


Heat pump installation