My daddy fixes air conditioners and heaters for a living

I have the coolest dad in the whole, wide world! My dad makes a living by making sure that people stay comfortable.

In fact, he is able to warm up people or cool down people in his job.

I asked him the other day what his job was, and he told me that he was an HVAC technician. After high school, he went to a fancy school where they allow you to take air conditioners and furnaces apart to see how they work and what is wrong with them. My dad learned how to fix air conditioners and furnaces, and now he gets paid to do that for a living. Since my dad owns his own HVAC business, he is allowed to take me to work with him sometimes to watch what he does. My favorite thing to do is crawl under houses while he is installing the HVAC machines. Sometimes, he lets me hand him tools and help him fix something on the HVAC units. He works all the time as an HVAC technician, and sometimes, he has to go fix someone’s furnace late at night while we are all sleeping. I think that my dad is the coolest for wanting to help people late at night when their heaters aren’t working. When I grow up, I want to become an HVAC technician just like my dad. He told me that when I get a little older, he will let me work with him in his HVAC company. I think that that would be so cool! Being an HVAC technician is the coolest!


HVAC tech