Help Your HVAC Help You

The summers where I live are so not easy. While the region offers extraordinary weather and wonders, the summer can be brutal. It can be brutal to the point of exhaustion. However, the worst of it only lasts 3 months at most. The best thing I have found is to just hunker down and get […]

My wife is stressing out over the money that we owe the HVAC company

She hates debt, and she will do nearly anything to get out of debt. Our HVAC unit recently stopped working, and we had to do something about it. It honestly couldn’t have come at a worse time. Our car has been giving us a lot of trouble lately, and I have spent $1000 repairing the […]

My friend asked me if I knew how to connect the furnace to an electric panel

I used to work as an HVAC technician’s helper for a few months while I was in between jobs. I didn’t want to be an HVAC technician, but it was the only decent job in town that was hiring, and I needed the money to pay my bills and feed my family. After a few […]

Unwilling to leave behind heating, cooling and modern amenities to go camping

My boyfriend Bob just loves to go hiking and camping. Whenever he gets time off from work, he grabs his backpack and heads off into the woods. He’s happy to sleep on the ground, cook over an open fire and bathe in a lake. He doesn’t worry about getting lost or the weather. Bob continually […]