My birthday was last month and my husband bought me the weirdest gift ever! I know that I’m a hard person to buy gifts for, but this was literally the strangest gift I’ve ever received.

My husband bought me a gift wrapped digital programmable smart thermostat for my birthday.

At first I was mad about it. What woman wants a digital programmable thermostat for her birthday? I was expecting jewelry or a nice sweater or even a piece of artwork or a book, but a thermostat? It was very strange to open the fancy gift wrapping and see a new smart thermostat unit in the box. I didn’t really even know what to say when I opened it. After the initial shock wore off, my husband installed the new smart thermostat system for me and then he programmed it for me. It was only then that I realized that this new thermostat has some really amazing features on it that are going to make my life much better! For instance, the thermostat learns your family’s daily habits and schedules and helps you save money on heating and cooling by adjusting automatically. Once you set your preferences, it knows what to do and you barely ever have to touch it again! You can also change the settings remotely if you need to, as long as you have wifi access to the thermostat from your smartphone app. After I learned all the features on the thermostat, I realized that my husband had actually given me a pretty thoughtful birthday gift after all.



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