My husband Nick and I decided to buy a fixer upper when we purchased our house.

  • Nick is kind of a handyman and he likes to work on houses.

So we thought that buying a home that needed some work would actually help us save money in the long run. We wanted to do all the floors and painting ourselves. Nick even said that he wanted to check out the HVAC system in the house and try to fix that, too. Nick doesn’t really know that much about heating and cooling systems, but he likes to think that he does. I guess he thinks that if he watches an HVAC video online that makes him a professional HVAC technician or something. Painting and refinishing floors is one thing, but I just don’t know if I trust him with our heating and cooling system! Right now, we are in the middle of all of our renovations. It’s stressful work, to say the least. I’m trying to work on painting the entire house, but Nick is spending all of his time down in the furnace room in the basement. He keeps messing around with the furnace, but I just don’t think he has a clue what he is doing. When he first took the cover off the furnace, the whole thing was infested with mice and mice droppings. That grossed me out immediately and I told him to forget it and let me call the local HVAC company. He just laughed and said he would clean it all out and fix it right up. That was two weeks ago, though. And I still haven’t seen any progress on the furnace!


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