Last weekend, my dad came over to help me get all settled in my new apartment.

I am not very handy when it comes to stuff like home maintenance.

I know next to nothing about appliances or furnaces or my air conditioning system. Lucky for me, though, my dad seems to know everything! He worked as a handyman for a long time when he first got out of the military. After that, he went back to school and became a certified HVAC technician. My dad has worked as an HVAC professional for twenty years now, and so of course anytime I need anything done at my place he always comes to help me. I moved last weekend and so Dad came to do stuff for me like hanging pictures, tightening faucet handles, and fixing squeaky cabinet doors. He also went ahead and programmed the digital programmable thermostat system for me so I wouldn’t have to worry about getting the temperature settings right. He’s so much better at figuring that stuff out than I am! But then my dad checked the furnace filter and the A/C filter and they were both very dirty. So he sent me to the hardware store to get new air filters. Unfortunately, I was completely unaware of the fact that there are hundreds of kinds of air filters available at the hardware store! I had no idea which one to get and I ended up having to call my dad and have him explain to the salesperson which air filters we needed. It was embarrassing.
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