My husband Rick is a certified HVAC technician. He’s been doing the same job for the past fifteen years or so, and he really loves the HVAC company that he works for. I can’t really complain about the heating and cooling company where he works, either. They always give him a great Christmas bonus and they try and work with his schedule whenever they can. But even though they are good with all of those things, it’s still hard sometimes being married to a professional HVAC technician. Rick doesn’t work on furnace and air conditioning emergencies as a general rule, though. He usually focuses on ductwork and duct cleaning. That’s his specialty, I guess you could say. He laughs about his little duct cleaning machine. He says that his job really sucks, but that’s just an HVAC technician pun because of the vacuum that pulls all the dust and dirt out of the air vents and the ventilation ducts. Anyway, even though he doesn’t work on all of the emergency heating and cooling calls that some of the guys have to go on, Rick still has a pretty demanding schedule. Sometimes he gets a really mean HVAC customer and he comes home in a terrible mood. I wish that people in this town would understand that their service workers, like their HVAC professionals, are people with families and feelings too! I think it’s hard work being married to an HVAC technician. I guess I should be glad that he doesn’t have to be on call for furnace and A/C emergency calls, though.

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