There are a lot of things that I don’t like about myself.

My hair is too frizzy, for one thing. I think my teeth are too crooked and I have a terrible singing voice. And the thing that bugs me more than anything about myself is how my feet are cold literally all the time. It doesn’t matter how many pairs of fuzzy socks I put on or how often I wear my cozy slippers, either. My feet just have trouble heating up no matter what I do. In the wintertime, it’s even worse for me than it is in the summer. At least in the summertime, I can go outside and walk on the warm grass and even on the heated driveway. But in the wintertime, I only have my furnace to keep me warm. I have a really good high efficiency heating system in my house, but I also have a fairly large house with hardwood floors. The floors stay so cold that my feet are only warm when I’m standing right next to a heating vent. As soon as I move away from the heating vents, then my feet get cold again. Once in a while I build a fire in the fireplace, but that’s not something that I feel like doing very often. At least with a fireplace, my feet actually get warm for a while! Last week when my HVAC technician was here changing the air filters for me, he mentioned something to me called radiant heated flooring. He said that with radiant heated flooring, you never have to worry about having cold feet ever again! I’m pretty excited about learning more about radiant heated flooring.
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