I have had allergies for almost as long as I can remember! Back when I was a kid, sometimes I would even miss school on the days that the pollen counts outside were very high.

I could tell just by stepping outside whether the day was going to be a good one or a bad one for me just by the air quality outside.

These days, it’s pretty much the same thing. But at least now that I’m an adult, I can kind of control the indoor air quality of the house that I live in. Since I can’t really fight Mother Nature on the pollen situation, I’ve decided to take control of the things that I can manipulate. For instance, in order to improve the indoor air quality in my home, I have installed a whole home air purification system. My HVAC technician suggested that we try installing a whole home air purification system to run in tandem with our existing heating and cooling system. He said that the air purifier can help to rid the air of dust, dirt, and pollen that our regular air filters may leave behind. Of course, with my allergy issues, I was willing to try anything! Even though the whole home air purification system cost a lot to purchase and have installed, I am optimistic that it will be worth it in the end. I will never stop fighting back against all of the allergies that try to make my life miserable. Even though I can’t go outside on some days, I still want to be able to enjoy breathing nice clean air inside my home!

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