There’s a very strange smell coming from my air conditioning

I assumed that if there was a bad smell from the air conditioning, it had to be some kind of a dead animal stuck in the A/C vents! I couldn’t believe that there might be mold and mildew in our air conditioning I don’t know what’s going on with my HVAC lately. It’s already summer, […]

The new thermostat system that my husband bought me for my birthday is awesome

My birthday was last month and my husband bought me the weirdest gift ever! I know that I’m a hard person to buy gifts for, but this was literally the strangest gift I’ve ever received. My husband bought me a gift wrapped digital programmable smart thermostat for my birthday. At first I was mad about […]

My dad sent me to the store for an air filter but I got confused

Last weekend, my dad came over to help me get all settled in my new apartment. I am not very handy when it comes to stuff like home maintenance. I know next to nothing about appliances or furnaces or my air conditioning system. Lucky for me, though, my dad seems to know everything! He worked […]

My husband and I want to put an addition on our house but we’re worried about the A/C

I think that we might be better off using space heaters and window air conditioning units for the addition Ever since we had our first baby three years ago, my husband Vince and I have been talking about building an addition onto our house. Right now, we only have two bedrooms. But since I’m pregnant […]

It’s hard work being married to an HVAC technician

My husband Rick is a certified HVAC technician. He’s been doing the same job for the past fifteen years or so, and he really loves the HVAC company that he works for. I can’t really complain about the heating and cooling company where he works, either. They always give him a great Christmas bonus and […]

Are we ever going to get the HVAC settings correct at our church?

However, every week it seems like there is a different issue with the HVAC unit. I’m beginning to wonder if the building committee made the right decision about choosing an HVAC unit when we built an addition onto our church last year. We decided that since our new building was going to be so large, […]