What are the 5 rules of air conditioning systems?

Air conditioners are a major blessing when it comes to cooling the house down to a decent, bearable temperature. Nearly every household has an air conditioning system of some sort, so we couldn’t imagine life without air conditioning! That being said, there’s some stuff to remember when you are using any old air conditioning system. […]

In need of a new furnace after breaking my old one – smooth move, I know!

When my oil furnace broke down last week, I was feeling pretty confident about myself – definitely a case of misplaced confidence! See, one of my friends recently had their oil furnace broken down. They told me about how they called this Heating, Ventilation, and A/C specialist in town, and asked them to come to […]

I wish that I knew how to service my own air conditioning system

My air conditioning system is literally a piece of garbage! Seriously, I can’t tolerate my air conditioning system much longer at this point. While I don’t mind air conditioning that are doing as they’re intended, many A/C systems are supposed to be perpetually running just to keep the place cool. My air conditioning system used […]

I can’t be the only person who feels overwhelmed by the air conditioning at times!

I woke up one day and couldn’t take being cooped up in my house. The people in the complex, or the things in the house, were not to blame. In fact, it was the air conditioning system in my house! See, my wife and I have been increasing the temperature control to make our apartment […]

I take the temperature seriously for my home – summer or winter

In a perfect world, I prefer everything in my place to be completely perfect! I can’t imagine being happy with my life otherwise, you know? See, that feeling extends to everything in my house, as I want my decorations to be perfect! I want my furniture to be perfect as well, and ideally my kids […]

Better make sure the power’s off before you work on the A/C unit!

Let me ask you: What’s the single most important thing any Heating, Ventilation, and A/C worker should be doing prior to working on any system? The right tools are collected, the right skills are employed, and the right parts to service an air conditioning system or oil furnace are available. Still, one thing must be […]