Window a/c went like hot cakes!

Around one week back, I have been telling Gary to get to the garage in addition to clean it out.

Gary has all kinds of useless junk in there that he seems to think is worth something.

I finally decided that if I didn’t put my back into it, it was never going to get done. We set an afternoon to clean everything out in addition to get everything neater. I wanted to just throw everything away although my boyfriend Gary insisted that the two of us should at least have a large yard sale. So the two of us put a bunch of posters up advertising our yard sale in addition to were selling all kinds of junk. We legitimately found a bunch of outdated window air conditioner units that were in the back of the shed. I was skeptical that they even worked but the two of us inspected them out in addition to they worked quite well. We legitimately sold those before most of the other junk in the space! People were grateful to get a great price on some nice window air conditioner units in addition to the two of us let them test them out to see if they worked too. We also sold some outdated gas grills for a good cost, in addition to the two of us even had a few space heaters. I decided to keep a few of the space heating systems in case the two of us needed them for emergency plan in the winter for heating.


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