Tanning and wanting a/c access

I was a little bit in awe when Harriet recommended the two of us all get natural tans in our backyard.

  • She wanted to do it this way so the two of us had immediate access to the air cooling in our home as soon as the two of us were all done.

She also enjoyed our backyard because I had a tall stone wall that made it certainly separate from anybody seeing us. This meant that the two of us all could tan certainly in the natural, so the two of us wouldn’t have any tan lines. So this is what the two of us have been doing, in addition to I will admit, it’s pretty nice to be able to get fully tan separate from having to go to a very costly tanning salon. It certainly is convenient to have quick access to the climate control proposal as well. I have a smart temperature control so I am certainly able to keep the settings minimal to save on the energy costs until the two of us decide to go back into the house. That’s when I will crank up the air cooling in addition to the two of us all can go inside in addition to cool off. We typically prepare some drinks like white russians or something that is cold with ice. This has been a great way to relax recently separate from having to go out in addition to spend a ton of cash. This is certainly ideal for us because the two of us are just kids in addition to it’s difficult to keep up with all the bills in addition to our jobs.


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