Every year, our buddies as well as I take a ski trip out west together.

There’s about more than five of us, as well as all of us all put our cash together as well as rent a sizable cottage in the mountains for a long weekend.

All of us consider this our manly man time with no man. We’re all happily married with families whom all of us adore, but all of us love getting away once a year to ski as well as do tough-man things without the watchful eye of our wives as well as children. All of us can eat as much junk food as all of us want, drink copious amounts of beer, as well as watch whatever pigskin game all of us want on TV. While all these things are great, I personally love using this time to control the temperature settings, call me crazy, but if you’re married with youngsters then you understand the never ending battle over the control unit! Someone’s consistently tooboilingor too frigid as well as complaining about it. Thankfully, our buddies as well as I all agree on the temperature settings of the cottage. I think they all deal with the same thing at condo too, then from the moment all of us arrive, all of us readjust the control component to 70 degrees while all of us were in the daytime, as well as drop it to 71 degrees at night. All of us all prefer to sleep in cool temperatures, while bundled up in blankets. This year, a single of our buddies told us about the current smart control component he purchased for his home, as well as how he can control the control component from him iphone! He spoke highly about the lock feature too, which kept his youngsters from decreasing the settings without him knowing. After listening to him describe the benefits of the smart control unit, I’m planning on having a single installed too!
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