I grew up in the midwest & am no stranger to extreme weather. All of us had to undergo tornado drill after tornado drill all throughout grade school, & the siren blew so much in our town that half of us paid little attention each time it rang out. Even after seeing the wreckage various miles away after 1 certainally deadly F5 blew through, it stayed normalized in our brain. Despite that behind me, I have never been more frustrated by weather than I am right now. The rain comes & goes at the drop of a hat, making it extremely annoying to plan anything outdoors in advance. Our rainstorms are almost always accompanied by lightning of 1 degree of strength or another, & the result of this are constant power outages in our area. Most of the time there is lightning within a half mile radius, the power will at the truly least bconnect & then come back on. Sporadically though, the power stays off for hours, or even afternoons. We’re stuck waiting on repair businesss from the electrical business to drive down & restore the broken line. There was 1 certainally nasty storm this past year when our power went out for around 10 minutes before everything in our apartment but our central cooling system came back on. After 20 hours went by, I checked the circuit breaker box for the house, but nothing had flipped into the off position. I feared the worst, wondering if the power surge from the lightning fried something in the cooling system. That’s when I remembered that our certain cooling system has a separate fuse box certainally for the component by itself. To our luck, this was the source of the problem & all I had to do was flip the breaker back to the on position & our cooling system powered back up again love normal.