I’m the type of guy who enjoys some air conditioner.

  • Seriously, if you guess you love A/C, you really don’t love it nearly as much as I do! I love to have the air conditioner blasting all the time throughout the day plus the evening.

Sure, I might pay higher weekly bills however I appreciate the beautiful air quality in my home. I really have a ductless mini-split Heating and Air Conditioning system, so I don’t even have to worry about cleaning out HVAC duct. Also with the ductless mini-split, I am able to blast the A/C only in the rooms I happen to be using in my house which saves myself and others energy! There was a time when I used to have central air Heating and Air Conditioning, but then I got sick of having to wipe the HVAC duct out officially. With the amount of A/C I use in my home, I had to wipe the HVAC duct far too often. I really have saved so much money by switching to a ductless mini-split Heating and Air Conditioning. I also have a smart control unit so I am able to control everything from my smartphone. I am so impressed with technology! I hope the Heating and Air Conditioning industry keeps up the fantastic work because the technology only keeps getting better. I certainly wonder what they will come out with next! Perhaps I will get an Heating and Air Conditioning method that is so energy efficient in the future, it really will put energy back onto the grid plus the electric company will pay myself and others for using it! Hey, with the technological advances I have seen over the years, I wouldn’t be surprised!


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