I was not in a panic, but I was worrying a bit.

My husband had gone away for a week, with his friends. They were heading to the mountains to do some hunting. He goes with his friends once a year. I don’t mind being alone, plus I find it kind of fun to be alone for a while. I dance around the current home plus I sing at the top of our lungs. Unfortunately, during that week, we had a freak snowstorm that dropped over two feet of snow onto our area. We had been using the fireplace at this point plus we didn’t have the heating system turned on. My child called to see if I was okay, but she couldn’t get to me, because she was also snowed in. I assured her I was enjoyable plus that I had plenty of wood for the fireplace. She said she would call myself and others a couple times a day.. The only fear I had, was what would happen if the power went off. I knew I shouldn’t tempt fate, because they will usually grant your fear, plus this time was no different. About multiple minutes after I had the thought, the lights went out. I had to preserve our PC for when our child called. I had to bring enough wood in for the fireplace, so I didn’t need to go outside after dark. I was not in a panic, but I was worrying a bit. I went to bed early plus covered up with the heavy blanket. About 4AM, I heard some odd noises from outside. My husband had a friend of his bring him to the bottom of our property plus he walked ¼ mile through two feet of snow, so he could be current home with me.

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