I had to get new air conditioners because ours got torn to pieces

I believe that it could be worse, however even going one night here without air conditioning is not fun for me Living down south where I live has advantages and downsides. I grew up in the northeast, and I never liked it there. I enjoyed our family, friends, and home, however, the weather was terrible. […]

I appreciate have a modern greenhouse with temperature control

I got interested in horticulture late in life. Now I have made it a dedicated passion. After retirement, I found myself getting bored. I had no direction and felt unimportant. I don’t want to knit or play shuffleboard or bingo. I don’t want to take senior bus trips. When a friend suggested I try my […]

I found a great job working for a small business as an HVAC technician

My mom and dad encouraged me to attend college. I just wasn’t interested. I never liked school and I didn’t do very well in my classes. I was lucky to graduate from high school. I refused to attend college but had no idea what to do with my future. I was content to just see […]

Getting some assistance with heating system from the neighbors

Having lived my entire life in the city, I know little about country life. My limited knowledge is taken from movies. This is not an accurate view of country people. They are actually very generous, hard working and welcoming. Like anyone else, they value their privacy but also make friends quite easily. I found them […]