I used to be an English educator.

I have a BA degree in English & an MS degree in English Education.

I taught for about ten years, several of which were not the happiest years of our life. Nonetheless, I have been considering going back into teaching. I find myself missing the experience in several ways, & I am about eight years away from retirement, so I kind of want to teach again before I leave the workaday world… However, the state is making it too hard. It is more tough for a former educator to reinstate her or her teaching license than it is for a brand new lady to get a teaching certificate. The newbies do not even have to have a degree related to education! Yet, here I am, a former educator who brought the writing scores at our school to number one in the state, & I have to go to tremendous amounts of time, effort, & expense just to have our credentials reinstated. It makes definitely no sense, but because of all this trouble, I am recalling the year I taught with no air conditioner in our classroom. I came back in November, & our room was without because the HVAC method in the building was broken. The service staff did not guess how to repair it, however the principal did not want to spend the currency to hire an HVAC corporation. I was recovering from surgery, & the lack of was literally making myself and others sicker; My wound was getting re-infected because lack of made myself and others sweat into our stitches. The year of no was the worst year in our teaching work. I felt awful all the time, & having no made students dislike coming to class. There is a educator shortage right now, & remembering that experience makes myself and others guess they can continue to be short educators, after all.

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