One of the things I try to do in my life is help other people, but i cannot do a whole lot because I don’t have a bunch of money or time, however I try to do what I can, however recently, that has meant toiling with others to build a homeless shelter in our city.

There used to be a homeless shelter, but it was disgustingly dirty and poorly managed, so all of us needed a modern a single, but an architect made the plans, and all of us set out to build it through generous donations. Remember, this is for people who would otherwise be living outdoors, with no roof or walls or anything, but so, anyway, all of us built the building and all of us got a manager and small staff of volunteers. The two of us were all set to open for business. That is when the neighborhood stepped in and said all of us could not open because all of us did not have heating and cooling in site, however now, I understand the need for a furnace and an cooling system, don’t get me wrong. The two of us were saving up to get a great, efficient commercial Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system installed, but all of us ran out of money and wanted to open while all of us continued fundraising. It did not matter to the city. They could not understand that leaving people outside was not better than housing them separate from cooling system and heating. I mean, what park bench have you ever seen that has an connected cooling system unit? It just makes no sense at all. The two of us were not saying the people didn’t deserve Heating, Ventilation, and A/C. The two of us just wanted to provide them showers and a bed and meals while all of us raised money for the commercial heating and cooling system, then well, the neighborhood would not budge. The two of us could not open for various more weeks, until all of us raised the money for the cooling system and heater. Sheesh.


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