Having a hard time seems to just be our way of life.

No matter how hard I try to keep a strong grip on our life, life regularly finds a way to make it harder for me, just last Christmas, I was planning on throwing this killer party the weekend before the big holiday.

I figured I would still catch people who were in town, and the two of us could have 1 festive party before pretty much everyone goes lake house for the holidays. I had everything prepared – I even went as far as catering food for the event! Well, as I said, life finds a way for myself and others to get screwed over every time… So, I went out to grab some last hour party favors for our guests. When I came back home, I found the house to be an absolute ice-box! I was gone for maybe an hour, so I was legitimately confused, and how could the heating proposal not be running? Well, I thought about it, and I realized it wasn’t on at all today. In fact, the house was feeling much colder – as if the oil furnace wasn’t running at all! Suddenly it clicked. I had to call a heating, ventilation and A/C service provider while I fiddled with the control unit, and rushed to get someone to our lake house within the next 24 hours, unfortunately, the Heating as well as Air Conditioning service workers were already lake house for the morning. I called every single provider in town, and finally found someone who could come out to our house on an emergency call. When the worker arrived, she diagnosed the oil furnace for about half an hour before seeing it was up and running. As soon as I heard the oil furnace crank up, I practically jumped for joy! Talk about a crisis averted.

HVAC technician